Unload unsold inventory with Jettison



What is Jettison?

– A web based app that allows your business to easily unload unsold inventory.

– A system developed by a team of innovators with over 50 years combined experience.

– A turn key, user-friendly, on-line system that enables a single employee to sell to thousands of your customers instantly in a fun exciting and fully accountable way.

About Jettison

Available Cross Platform

Jettison Inventory is a completely responsive cloud based sales software system available for smartphones, tablets and computers. The Jettison system can be used seamlessly to communicate sales opportunities to your customers, which can be purchased anywhere, 24 hours a day.

Constantly evolving

The Jettison team is constantly on the search for new and innovative ways to make the process of unloading inventory much more streamlined and effective. The system is constantly evolving and introducing incredible, innovative new features.

Not a 'Cookie Cutter' system!

The Jettison Inventory system is designed to enhance your business and can be specifically created to target your businesses strengths.

Simple. Secure. Effective.

With state of the art security, cutting edge servers and a robust build, Jettison is extremely efficient and reliable, and has been proven in the field as being an incredible resource to any business wishing to reduce costs and increase their bottom line.

Unload unsold inventory

Jettison allows you to send all or different groups of your customers exclusive deals to their personal smart devices, which then can be purchased at the click of a button.

Push notifications

The Jettison system has been developed to send deals directly to your customers via push notifications and has purpose built infrastructure to integrate into the operations of your business.

Simple & Straightforward

Rather than engaging all of your staff to unload your unsold inventory, why not send it out as a direct, purchasable deal straight to your customers smart phone?
No multiple emails or phone calls, the Jettison Inventory system does it all.